Fantasy Football - Week 4

Praise the football gods, I finally won a game in my work league! Thanks to Cam Newton and my opponent's whole team kind of sucking. I'm 1-3 and there are two other teams with that same score. Time to make a run for it!

I lost in the club league. I had a 6 point lead going into Monday night but LeGarrette Blount ended up being the top scorer for my opponent with his 19 points. Overkill, I say. That makes me 2-2, tied for second in the division and one game behind the leader. If Chris Johnson would just live up to his hype, I'd be in great shape.

The really good news is that none of my players got injured this week so I don't have to scour the waiver wires. That's a big relief as I get really ticked off when someone scoops me on a player.

Pick 'Em made me mad at myself. I honestly thought I put a lot fewer points on Philadelphia to win but I had 14 on the losers. That really hurt. I'm still in first place in both Pick 'Em games but my lead is dwindling in the work one. I really need to get a good week next week.


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