I Am Not Amused

George has crept out the front door a few times but usually stopped right away because she was afraid to go too far. She would just crouch down and freeze until I would pick her up, tell her "Babies don't go outside" then put her back in the house.

That's changed and I'm not happy about it.

As I was dragging in my suitcase on Sunday, she walked right past me out the front door. Not a dart, just a nonchalant stroll in to the great outdoors. I had to follow her out and circle around her before I could shoo her back inside.

I thought it was a one time thing but when I got home from work on Monday she did the same thing. As I came in, she went out. I had to scramble to get her and even left my keys in the door in my haste. At least she moved slowly enough for me to get her.

Tonight, however, she pulled a full on dart move. She was out the door in a flash and headed down the sidewalk before I could even put my purse down.

I chased her down and picked her up while giving her a little swat on her butt and a verbal "Bad George". She accelerates any physical reprimand (pretty much the most severe one has been a flick on her nose) with immediate full-blown violence. After the butt swat, she turned around and was ready to lay out a full claw swipe. However, something in her little kitty brain registered that it would have been a really bad move since I was already unhappy with her.

I'm not sure how to discourage this new behavior. I guess I need to get her shots up to date and put a collar on her with my name and number in case she really gets away.


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