My Giant Acorn

They just don't fall far from the tree - even if you try to toss them further away.

I sent Steven a text today to see what he's doing tonight. He called me back to say he and his buddy decided to drive to Las Vegas to see their friend play in his band.

Yep, completely spur of the moment. No hotel reservations, no complete idea of how to drive up there but determined to hit the road and have fun.

Sometimes, that kid is so much like me it's scary. While most of my trips are planned out well in advance, I love to do last minute excursions.

Probably the biggest impulse happened a few years ago. Sugar Daddy and I were at lunch on a Friday when he said, "Do you want to go to Sea World tomorrow?" I said, "Sure."

We left at something like 4 AM, drove to San Diego and spent the day at Sea World then drove home. I don't remember what time we got home but it was super late.

The day was great fun but man, it kicked my butt because I went to the Cardinals/Packers pre-season football game on Sunday morning with my family. Yeah, it was hotter than hades and I was on minimal sleep and I dragged. I actually caught a cat nap in my parents van during the tailgate. Did I mention it was hot? The van was more like a sweat box.

Hey, it's all worth it when you can get a good story out of it and I think that's a good story.

And, now, I'm fighting the urge to road trip tomorrow...


Sugar Daddy said…
We should do that again, although maybe actually get some sleep rather than just turning around (I'm too old for that shit).

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