Oh, Vegas, how could you be so unkind?

Worst. Blackjack. Weekend. Ever. I actually don't want to add up my losses because I'll probably cry. It ultimately boiled down to a few truisms: I needed 21 to win. A 20 gave me a push. Anything below 20 was a loss. Of course, being stubborn cost me even more. I just couldn't believe it could on for so long. But, it did. All three days I played were painfully bad. I should have stopped after day one but, dammit, I go to Vegas to gamble. In retrospect, it wasn't so much gambling as paying for really expensive drinks. I tried to minimize my dollars lost to drink ratio at Excalibur and the cocktail waitress obliged. She stopped asking me if I wanted another drink and just brought me a Rum and Coke each time she came by. That was nice. I think they were still $30 drinks, though. Oh, Vegas did give me something back. A raging head cold. Which explains why I'm posting this at 4:25 AM. If I lay down, I just start coughing and draining (ugh) so I'm waiting for a possibly ill-advised dose of Nyquil to kick in that I took at 4. Just a few more hours of uninterrupted sleep is all I ask. Oh, and a small lottery win to get back the money I lost this weekend. That would be nice, too.


Drifty said…
What's lost in Vegas stays in Vegas

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