Subconscious Music Recognition

It seems like everywhere you go, bar, restaurant, store, there's music playing over the loudspeakers. In a lot of places, it's just background noise that you can't really hear it without focusing on it because of people talking and other activities. Most of the time, I just plain ignore it because I'm either talking to my companion(s) or on a mission to shop for something.

However, I can't tell you how many times I've been chatting with someone in a bar or restaurant and, all of a sudden, I'll stop and say "Buffett". They usually give me a blank stare until I point to the ceiling (where I imagine the speakers to be) and say it's a JB song playing.

I'm not consciously trying to hear the music at all. It's just the JB comes through for me. He's not the only one, the Bee Gees have the same effect. Everyone else? Yeah, pretty much they're all background music that I pay no mind to.

At least, I think I'm not paying attention. Maybe I am hearing and noticing all of it but I've trained myself to only acknowledge JB and the Bee Gees. Or, maybe I only notice that I've paid attention when it's those two acts because I think that's all I notice.

I think it's the former because I saw it happen on Friday night to someone else. The Rocket Scientist and I were at dinner with Shannon and Devin at Four Peaks in Tempe. If you've been seated inside there when it's busy, you know it's incredibly loud. Yes, they play music but you can barely hear it over the din of the crowd.

Devin was the first to pick out a song. It was by Donovan. A little later, Shannon noticed a Bare Naked Ladies song. Which was cool because I first met them both on Ships and Dips 4 which was a BNL cruise. I don't think any of us paid attention to or even remotely noticed any other songs.

Self fulfilling prophecy? Maybe. But, if there's a JB song anywhere in the background, no matter how quiet, I guarantee my mind will pick up on it.


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