Fantasy Football - Week Six

Well, I got my butt handed to me in the club league by the only undefeated team left. Guess Woody's team is the real deal. That brings me to 3-3. Oh, and I lost a backup QB in Jason Campbell. Oh, well. Better luck in the work league where I won and moved me to 3-3. I'm actually excited about that 3-3 as I started 0-3. Things are looking up! Despite mediocre Pick 'Em results in both the work and club leagues, I still stand atop the standings overall in both. I really want a good week to boost my lead (and score some cash in the work league for a top finish). Since I was out of town for the weekend, I made all my picks and set my lineups on Thursday. No last minute checking or tweaking since I didn't have my laptop with me and The Rocket Scientist didn't even boot his up. That made me nervous but it worked out OK. Not that I had a lot of alternates anyway since it was a big bye week for me.


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