Banned for Inappropriate Content

We went to the Yardhouse for dinner before the hockey game on Tuesday. Tim and I ordered half yards of tasty brewed beverages. He got a Moose Drool and I ordered the Black and Tan made with Guinness and their Pale Ale.

Chuck started in on the glass. First by saying it's too awkward to drink from then by saying it looked like something from a medieval doctor's collection with the implication that it should have body fluids/parts stored in it.

Dude, that's not making my beer very appealing.

Somehow, this led him to the subject of a Civil War medical kit that he saw on an antique show. He was apparently amazed by the catheters because he went on and on and on about them. About their weird shape, how you would insert them (which he acted out) and how they got progressively bigger but you wouldn't care how big they were if you were going to die because you couldn't urinate.

Based on his description, I think this is what they looked like:

This was not an appropriate topic of conversation at any time but it was especially unseemly at the dinner table. I told him he was banned from dinner with us again but I suspect he either didn't hear me or didn't care because I got no reaction to that statement.

That was all bad enough but, after the game, he got on to the subject about how some woman swallowed her wedding ring that led to further discussion on retrieving items after they've gone through a digestive track. I have no idea what triggered all of that but, again, not a proper subject for discussion. At least we weren't eating anymore.

He's so not going with us again unless he agrees to be mute for the entire evening.


Kate said…
2 words - ball gag

:) Have a great weekend!

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