A Thought From Flying The Friendly Skies

Here are reasons why I think people become flight attendants: the chance to travel on someone else’s dime or cheaply on your own, opportunity to meet a lot of people and an interesting schedule.

Here’s a reason that I don’t think factors in to that career decision: having to shill duty-free products.

Every time I fly to and from Calgary, they make the attendants go down the aisle with a cart hawking cigs, booze, jewelry and perfume. Just like the vendors on the beach in Mexico only the attendants have wireless credit card machines. I suspect the Mexican vendors will some day, too.

I suspect it’s not what the attendants signed up for but the airlines are trying anything to make a buck. They should run a Kino game. There’s a revenue generator for sure and it would keep the passengers entertained.

Any airline who takes up that idea owes me a cut.


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