Preparing to Brrrr

I’m heading back to Calgary again soon and am considering taking literally all of my clothes so I have enough layers. Well, I’ll leave my bathing suit home because I see no need for that.

One of the employees from our Calgary office was in Phoenix last week. She picked a good time to come as it was -40C last Monday. That’s the magic number where Fahrenheit meets Celsius. It was so cold that even the Canadians were shutting things down.

Can you imagine -40? I think the coldest I can remember is one Christmas Eve in Wisconsin when the high was -23 but I don’t think it got much lower than that. That was the last Christmas I spent (and will probably ever spend) in Wisconsin, by the way.

It’s warming up, though, and I hope the trend continues. I can take highs in the 30s (well, not without complaining). If it stays like that, I think I can get away with just the really heavy hoodie that my Mom got me for Christmas. My heavy jacket is just so damn bulky. Though, it makes for a damn fine pillow on the plane.

Oh, and I know I’m always saying that Canadians are so nice and polite but, apparently, they do have a mean streak. The chick who was down here told me she hopes they have just one bitterly cold day like that -40 when I’m there because they think it’s funny how much I hate the cold.

But, just one day. The joke’s not funny enough to ask for that kind of weather for any longer than that. Even for a mean spirited Canuck.


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