Farewell, Chuck

I just finished watching the two hour series finale of Chuck that aired last night. Watched it with tears rolling down my cheeks at the sweetness, the memories, the fondness for Chuck and Sarah's love story and because I'm going to miss this show. A lot.

Credit: Warner Brothers
It wasn't always a smooth ride. The show had some weak moments and too often was on the edge of being canceled. Ultimately, enough fans, and Subway, came through for support and we got five years.

There were some great moments and the "where are they all going" closure scenes and photo montage at the end showed how far the show and characters have changed. Zachary Levi is a handsome dude. I'd forgotten just how nerdy he was at the beginning. So was Joshua Gomez. Man, those dudes needed serious hair cuts.

I loved the open ended finish to the series. All might not be right in Chuck and Sarah's world but I still feel those two crazy kids will come out OK.

This is one series that I'd love to watch from beginning to end again.


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