Yet Another Cooking Show To Watch

I'm now hooked on Rachael vs. Guy Celebrity Cook-off. I saw a few previews and wasn't interested until I found out who the celebrities were. Truthfully, only two of them were the enticement.

The contestants are Cheech Marin, Lou Diamond Phillips, Coolio, Joey Fatone, Taylor Dane, Summer Sanders, Aaron Carter and Alyssa Campanella. Some of them are not household names. I can't tell you the last time I heard a Taylor Dane song on the radio (and I think she went to Kenny Rogers' plastic surgeon), I wouldn't have recognized Olympic swimmer Sanders and I had no idea (nor a care) that Campanella is Miss America. The latter is way too skinny, by the way. The celebrities are playing for a $50,000 donation to the charity of their choice and they're very serious about the competition.

Cheech and LDP were who got me to watch. I love Cheech and LDP is a big foodie so I expected them to do well. Fatone is always good for a laugh, too, so he was an added bonus.

The first episode saw the contestants all making an item to serve 150 people who then rated each dish. The two people with the lowest ratings had to do a head to head cook-off with the loser going home. The second week the teams had to make desserts that were scored by pastry chef students. The third, and latest, week had three of the judges from my fave, Chopped, and the six remaining contestants went head to head to make each of the Chopped chefs' favorite foods.  The three losers then had a cook-off with one going home after that.

So, now we're down to five contestants and I'm quite looking forward to the next show. As I said, the contestants are very serious and they follow the mentoring advice from Rachael and Guy to a tee. They aren't making fancy food which is a good call. These are food items that people can and do make in their homes all the time and you get to see some nice techniques that can be incorporated into your daily cooking. (For those that cook daily.)

You can watch the previous episodes via Cox On Demand or from the web.

One thing that I do have to admit that's ridiculous is that the female contestants are all decked out, including high heels. No real chef is going to run around a kitchen in three inch platform heels.


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