Cleaning Tasks Me - Part Two

This is the second message I received from the cleaning gods that leads me to believe I should just give up.

I tried to check my Yahoo account on my MacBook Pro and the page wouldn’t load. It said I didn’t have an internet connection. Here’s what I did to troubleshoot:
  1. Turned the airport off and back on.
  2. Closed and reopened the browser.
  3. Flipped over to my virtual windows machine and tried it there.
  4. Completely shut down and restarted the machine.
  5. Unplugged my wireless router for a minute then plugged it back in.
  6. Hit the reset button on my wireless router.
  7. Fired up my Dell laptop to see if it connected.
  8. Unplugged my cable modem for a minute then plugged it back in.
  9. Plugged the Mac directly to the modem to see if the router was bad.

At this point, I assumed the problem was with Cox. How to look up Cox’s phone number since I don’t keep paper phone books became the next problem. I tried to load their page through the browser on my Droid. Their page is clearly not designed for mobile because it took forever to load. In the interim, I suspected they may ask me for my cable modem box number so I got back down on the floor and pulled it out of the entertainment center.

There was only one light on the modem and it was amber and written next to the light was the word Standby.


Further examination of the modem showed a button on the side. I pressed it and, voila, I got a bunch of green lights instead of the one amber. And, I had internet again.

Motherbitches. I must have hit the button or pressed it up against the cabinet when I dusted.  I can’t believe how much time I wasted troubleshooting a problem I caused in the first place.

But, wait, there’s actually more.

The next night, I switched on my BluRay to watch Netfix. It gave me an internet setup message. I figured all of my monkeying around had reset it so I went through the setup process for wireless. No go. I then went through the process for a wired connection. No go. Those were my only two options.

My next step was to call Steven since he’s the one who set it up to start with. He said he was pretty sure we went with a wired connection and suggested I see if it was still hooked up.

Good call as it was not. There was a disconnected cable sitting behind the router. Either my cleaning or my pulling everything out to reset it had disconnected it. I plugged it in and tried again with the wired setting.

Which failed. Motherbitches again!

It turns out that not all of the five places I have to plug in cables into the router are the same. I needed to plug it in to slot 1. Fortunately, that was my next try.

So, the moral of this story is that cleaning deprives you of the internet and TV which are two things I can’t (don’t) want to live without.

In summary, cleaning = bad.


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