I Will Soon Be On Hoarders

Sugar Daddy gave me a really great eight color printer for Christmas years ago. It prints out fantastic photos. It’s also fairly speedy on the regular black and white printing, too.

Because I have no other room for it, it sits on the part of my kitchen counter that’s open between the kitchen and dining room. (OK, I do have a second bedroom that would have room for it except that it’s filled with so much crap (like three vacuums) that I can barely get in there. You would think that George would use it as her hiding spot because there’s just that much stuff but she consistently goes to the far corner of my bed which makes it easy to find her and defeats the purpose of hiding. But, I digress.) Although it takes up space, it’s handy for printing because I can set my laptop on the counter and wire them up.

I went to print something out a while ago and the paper wouldn’t feed. Bummer. There’s a certain point with printers where it’s not worth repairing them and I suspected, since I’ve had it for years, this was that time.

At the same time, my Dad was bugging me for Christmas gift ideas. I put the two together and told him I would like a wireless, color printer with scanning and possibly faxing capabilities. He was excited to have an actual idea and got me what looks to be a really nice one.

Of course, because my printer was on a counter, it became part of the counter and a stacking place for bills, papers, cards, etc. Especially, since I wasn’t using it.

While I was on my cleaning binge this week, I sorted through everything that was sitting on the printer and that’s when I saw it. It being a big Sharpie pen that had fallen into the printer and was resting right where the paper fed.

I took the Sharpie out (and a paper clip that was also in there), fired up the printer, connected my computer and wouldn’t you know it? It prints just fine.


So, now I have a working eight color printer that just prints and has to be connected to my computer. And, I have a wireless color printer that will scan and fax. They both serve different purposes (really, you should see the photos that my old printer produces - way better than your basic four color printer) so I think I’m going to keep them both.

There’s not room on the counter for both, however, so I’m going to have to carve out a spot in the second bedroom for one of them. I’m thinking the old printer since I print fewer photographs than I do regular paper items.

Of course, that means I’m going to have to do some more cleaning. And, I think we know by now that no good can come of that.


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