Taking My Body For Granted

Knock on wood, I've had very few physical issues in my life. The last year or so were not so good but before that the worse that ever happened is that I would hurt my back and suffer for a week or two. Oh, and there was that one bout with sciatica. That was not fun. But, I've been lucky.

I have once again tweaked my back and it's killing me right now. I don't blame it. I know I should have been stretching on a consistent basis and should stop making it carry around so much excess weight but I don't pay any attention to all that until it's broken in some form.

Ibuprofen has been my friend and I'm not missing a dose as it wears off like clockwork. I'm trying to avoid bending and twisting but that's quite the trick when you're trying to get in and out of a car. I look like an old lady. And old, decrepit lady.

The only bonus about getting into the car is that once I'm in, I can crank up my heated seat. That feels so good that I don't want to get out again.

I wonder if anyone would care if I took my laptop out to the parking lot and worked from my front seat?

A friend has given me the name of a chiropractor and another has offered up some of her massage package. If it doesn't get better, I may try both of those option. My doctor will be no help. He's just not a pill pusher, damn him, so I'll get the "lose weight, take Tylenol, exercise" lecture. What I would really love is for him to say, "Here's some Soma." That's good shit right there.

Oh, well, it will get better. And, I won't stretch or exercise or lose weight and it will get tweaked again. Definition of insanity...that is I.


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