The People Watching May Have Been Better Than The Game

Two of my work buds, Steven and I went to the Coyotes-Senators hockey game last night. Tim found the tickets on Stubhub and they rocked! 9th row, just off the penalty boxes. We paid $44 each with fees and the list price was $120.

On a side note, I think our hockey ticket prices are high but Tim told me they're twice as much in Calgary for the Flames. He said the good seats at the Saddle Dome are $240. That's a lot of money for just one game.

We were settled in to our seats when three women and one man came and sat in front of us. It was all too soon before we noticed that at least one of the women was drenched in perfume. Seriously, I found myself leaning back just to have to smell it less and noticed the guys doing the same.

We narrowed it down to the actual culprit. Let's just say she didn't appear to be your average hockey game attendee, in my opinion. First, she had on this feathered headband with a big fake gem on it. It sort of looked like the picture below without the pointy things sticking out of it.

This look just screams hockey, right?
Second, she had a huge tramp stamp which we saw a lot of because her shirt was too short and she was up and down the whole night. Then there were her "claws" as they were described. Long, fake nails with a gold and black pattern painted on them.

She wouldn't have stood out at the Bird's Nest for the Phoenix Open (or whatever it's called these days) but she sure stood out at the arena.

The final thing(s) that made me think she wasn't really a fan were that she spent most of her time tapping on her smart phone (with broken glass on it, classy) and listening to our conversations and responding to them to her friends. For example, Tim and I talked about the PBRs we got and she said to her friends, "We really need to go the PBR this year." I had to explain to Steven that was Pro Bull Riding. We learned a bit about her, as well, as her conversations weren't all that quiet.

I have to admit she kept us entertained. The game ended with a 3-2 victory by the Coyotes but they played rather sloppily so it was sometimes more interesting to see what she was doing than watching the guys on the ice.

If only one of her friends had the nerve to tell her that her perfume was too much. I would tell my friend. Seriously, that stench could have triggered an asthma attack.


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