Beware Of Visiting The Demon Lair

Besides Chick Poker and Book Club, I don’t have a lot of people over to my house except for The Rocket Scientist and Steven. George is used to both of them. Used to, as in she growls at TRS as he walks up to the door and hides under the bed when Steven is inside.

Tracy and Julie came over to do some club business and I didn’t tell George they were coming. She was sitting on the dining room table overseeing my computer work when she heard someone walking to the front door. There was a leap to the kitty condo to investigate then a hasty retreat to the floor and the corner of the dining room table that is furthest from the door.

That’s where she decided to growl at Tracy. As soon as Tracy was in the house, George ran off to the bedroom. Oh, so not brave. I’m not even sure Tracy saw her.

Julie showed up and the three of us ate dinner and talked business. I saw George come creeping down the hall and pointed her out to Tracy and Julie. She slunk around for a while then actually approached Julie who was able to pet her.

Until George decided to nip at her. What a brat.

Eventually, she was comfortable enough to sit on her dining room chair. It’s the one that I’ll never be able to get the cat hair off of. Unfortunately, Tracy didn’t realize that everything under the dining room table is in George’s domain when she’s on her chair. Tracy reached down to scratch her own leg and got swatted at. Again, what a brat.

George ended up in her condo for the remainder of the evening where she alternated dozing and keeping an eye on our activities. I warned them not to get too close to the condo on their way out. That’s a guaranteed swipe of the claws.

What do I do? Beat her? I think she would slash me to death in my sleep if I did.

On the one hand, it was good to see her being social. On the other hand, I wish she weren’t such a demon when she is social.


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