Netflix Is Like The Boyfriend With One Last Chance

I read in the business section yesterday that Netflix’s stock value has gone down 61% since last year. It’s not surprising considering their boneheaded move to split streaming and DVD services while greatly increasing the price. Sure, it wasn’t a gazillion dollar increase but it ticked people off and they left in droves. Their CEO (whom I can’t believe hasn’t been fired) has apologized and promised never to screw with the customers again. It’s a start but it didn’t stop people from bailing.

I shut down my DVD option but I’m still streaming. And, I love it. Especially in those weeks of the year (like the past two) where the networks aren’t showing new shows because of all of the holiday specials, sporting events and, well, the conflict of the holidays. Who has time to watch TV?

Well, I have time thanks to my DVR that makes TV viewing time so much shorter (although I am really out of the loop on trending commercials) and my Netflix.

It’s interesting to note how much of an Anglophile I am. So many of the shows in my Instant Queue are British or have British stars in them. Perhaps it’s because I’ve seen so much of the US product or, more likely, the British stuff is just more entertaining.

The first British series I started watching was Gavin and Stacey and I have a few more of those to go.

I just finished four episodes of Eleventh Hour starring Patrick Stewart as the British Science Officer. It took me half an episode to recognize that his cop sidekick was Christina from Ugly Betty.

I’m also starting the fifth season of Red Dwarf, a fairly cheesy but also touching space show that ran in the late 80s/early 90s.

And, I have some Stephen Fry good to go. I watched the first episode of Stephen Fry In America (I’ve read the book) and will likely plow through the rest this week. Also on tap, A Bit of Fry and (Hugh) Laurie. I adore Stephen Fry.

Some more items from across the pond in the queue: Robin Hood, Torchwood, Coupling, Being Human, Luther, Black Books and Spaced.

So, Netflix, I still love you. But, jack around with the pricing and options again and I’ll leave you in a heartbeat. A sad heartbeat, but I’ll leave nonetheless.


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