It's Like They Planned For Me To Come

I did some clothes shopping yesterday. My favorite pair of jeans finally wore out. They went past the velvety soft worn stage to worn through. Bummer, because I loved the way they fit.

I managed to find two new pairs (and also got some layers for Calgary) but the best find was my new ring.

I love the baubles!
So pretty!
Those retailers know what they're doing. First, these rings are stretchy so they can fit a wide range of people. Second, they have them all jumbled up at the check out. Third, they're all big and bold which is what I've been buying lately. Since you have nothing else to do while they're ringing you up, of course you're going to browse. Well, you are if you're me.

I couldn't resist this piece. Not only is it cool looking, it will match several of my lia sophia items. As an added bonus, I already got a compliment on it today in the break room. Sweet!

On a side note, can someone tell me when my hands started looking like my Mother's? Sigh.


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