Despite having literally dozens of toys, nothing inspires George to action more than plastic. Sandwich bag, grocery bag, shrink's all irresistible. If I want to store anything in a baggie, I have to lock it in the microwave or she'll chew right through the bag. I've lost count of home many bags I've given to people and said, "George wanted to put her mark on it".

I came home tonight with three bags from various stores and, within minutes, she had chew marks on all of them.

This Can't Be Healthy
I wonder what it's like to have a "normal" pet.


Pammy said…
One of "my boys" is a plastic bag addict, too. But he doesn't just chew 'em...he EATS 'em. I fully expect him to die of a giant, plastic bag bowel obstruction.(sigh)
Cheesehead said…
Oh, man, that's a bummer. At least I don't have to worry about all out eating if I forget and leave a bag around.

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