It Might Be Cold Outside, But I'm Still Hot

I absolutely love the seat warmers in my new car. We’ve had some cool mornings where it’s been in the 40s when I leave for work and the first thing I do is click that warmer on high. Toasty!

But, I find I’m using the feature when it’s even warmer outside. It as 63 last night when I left work and the car was cold to me so the seat warmer got turned on. When I went to pick up my lunch today, it was 58 and it went on again. I’m thinking I should just keep it on until summer.

My friends in the cold country will find my behavior absolutely ridiculous. If it gets anywhere near 60, they’re in tank tops, shorts and flip flops. I’m still in layered sweaters, jeans and closed toed shoes with socks.

Living in Arizona since I was nine years old has made me a weather wimp. Having seat warmers in my car is just going to make me even wimpier. But, I don’t care since for the first time in years I can legitimately claim that I have a hot ass.


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