Oh, Really?

One of my co-workers, Kyle, is selling squares for the Super Bowl so we're getting a higher than usual amount of traffic in our area.

A guy came up the backstairs today and started talking to Kyle. We're all in cubes so everything can be heard even when you're not trying and the guy said something that made me think he was in our fantasy football league. I peaked over the cube and I don't think I've ever seen him before even though I've worked there for 13 years and he's worked there for years, left and came back.

It was, indeed, the guy who won our work fantasy football league this year. I sat up in my chair and entered the conversation and I don't think he knew me from Adam, either. Maybe, I should say Eve since I'm a chick.

We were talking about how happy we were to beat certain teams in our league and he asked, "Kathy, did you really run your team because I heard your husband was actually doing it?"

My response was, "First, I don't have a husband and, second, I know more about football than those jackasses." Those jackasses being the team that I beat in the playoffs for third place. 

It seems like it was only one of the jackasses, though, that was spreading the lie. I emailed them both with this message, "So, I heard today that I had help running my fantasy football team. Funny, I don't remember anyone looking over my shoulder."

I haven't heard back from the rumor starter but his buddy responded with, "I am thinking that I was added strictly for the entertainment value of what is about to take place."

It should probably irritate my feminist side that my skills aren't being acknowledged and that I clearly had to have male help because what could a woman possibly know about football? However, I just find it laughable. 

If someone's bugged by being beaten by a girl, then I'm just glad I'm the girl who did it.


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