Cleaning Tasks Me - Part One

OK, I admit cleaning house is not my thing. I do the bare minimum to not look like one of those crazy hoarders people until I have someone coming over then I actually do “real” cleaning. But, the cleaning gods are trying to send me messages that it’s not worth it.

This was message one.

I have a dark rug in my living room. Dark rug plus cat with all white belly fur is not a good combination. Dark rug plus cat with all white belly fur plus cat who got and shredded green glitter balls for Christmas is an even worse combination.

I pulled out my vacuum cleaner and started in on the carpet. After a few sweeps across the floor, I noticed it was not getting any cleaner. In fact, there were big clumps of matter being deposited on the rug.

Nothing to do but tip the vacuum over and check the suction. Yeah, it was blowing air (and what was in it) out instead of in. I suspect a broken or slipped belt. I think I have a spare somewhere but no clue where it is.

So, I went to the vacuum that I thought I got from Crazy Grandma’s house but that I apparently stole from Sugar Daddy when I moved out from his place. That didn’t extract any dirt either. Upon further investigation, it too was blowing out. In this case, I think the culprit is that the bag is completely, probably overly, full. Do I have spare bags? Again, I think so but have no idea where.

On to vacuum number three. (Now is the time that any rational person would ask why someone who doesn’t clean has three vacuums. It’s because I never throw anything out. I got this one years and years ago but replaced it with better ones yet still moved it three times.) Fortunately, it’s bagless and its belt is functioning. It took several trips over the carpeted area but finally, the rugs were clean.

Well, as clean as they can ever be with countless cat and human hairs permanently attached to them. At least, there was no visible sea of white.

Of course, there’s a cat picture to go with this post. George has sooooo many toys lying around. Some of them move every once in a while but a bunch are just abandoned. I picked up the ones from the carpet and put them on the entertainment center. It didn’t take long...

Well, now I want to play with those!


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