1,200 Miles For A Haircut - I Don't Want to Calculate That Carbon Footprint

Since I’ve been getting my hair straightened, I’ve gone a long time between haircuts. Mostly, I just trim my own bangs (which always come out better if I’ve been cocktailing than when I am stone cold sober, go figure) and get the rest of it trimmed every four or five months. I hit a Super Cuts the last time but before that I got a trim at the salon in my Calgary home away from home hotel salon.

I’ve decided to give up the straightening and get layers put in that will hopefully cooperate with my soon to be poodle curly hair and figured my latest trip to Calgary was a perfect time to do the deed.

My plan was to try to get in on the Monday we came in. Our flight lands in the mid-afternoon and the hotel is only a short drive from there so I was hoping to get a cut in before dinner.

Best laid plans...or in this case, best laid plans that weren’t actually planned out because the salon is closed on Mondays. I called them from the office on Tuesday and the receptionist said the stylist was fully booked and was off on Wednesday. Since I was flying out on Thursday afternoon, that left no time.

However, they managed to get me in on Tuesday night at 8 because the hair coloring appointment she had didn’t take as long as expected. Hurray!

I walked in right on time and my stylist was ready. I say “my” stylist because she’s the same one who cut my hair back in February and she remembered me. I also remembered her and that her dad and step-mom winter in Apache Junction and that her daughter is nearly two. You know, you share a lot of information with people when you’re chatting for 30 minutes. Or, maybe that’s just me.

The new cut is nice. The layers given my hair some body and it feels so much lighter than before. Much more bouncy, too. I guess I need to keep going to Calgary just for my hair, never mind the work.

I’m so dying for someone to ask me where I get my hair done so I can tell them, “Oh, I have this girl in Calgary that I go to.” I’d like to think it makes me sound cosmopolitan but it’s probably just going to sound pretentious.


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