This Is Why I Don't Buy Cat Toys Anymore

I keep a basket on my bathroom sink with cosmetics in it. The usual mixture of mascara, eye liner, concealer, 8 million lipsticks and eye know, what a lot of women have but don't always use. But, you need it all.

While I was at Ulta the last time, I did an impulse purchase of a set of eye shadow applicators. They had them on the stand right before you check out where you can buy anything from a $1 item (like those were) or a travel size of fancy shampoo for a ridiculous price of $10. It's sort of like the candy and gum display as you check out at the grocery store.

I used some of them right away and the rest of them have been sitting in their package in the basket ever since. Well, at least until they somehow abandon the basket and travel throughout the house.

The first time I found them out of the basket, they were on the bathroom sink. The second time they were on the bathroom floor then in the hallway.

Could poltergeists be the culprit? Is the package actually an animated being? I'm thinking no since there are little demon teeth marks on the package. Of course, George disavows any knowledge of how it could possibly be traveling throughout the house.

I present to you the photographic evidence. I'm fairly confident that I don't have to pull George's dental records to find a match.


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