Warm Fuzzies From Work

I must be doing something right at the day job.

Early this morning, I got an email from one of our VPs asking if I would like two tickets to the Diamondbacks next Friday. Not just any tickets, mind you. Suite tickets with food and drink. I thought for about half a minute (the time it took me to see if I had something on my calendar) then gratefully accepted.

Steven was almost as fast at replying to my text to see if he wanted to go with me. He's mandated a rule where any sporting event tickets I get from work have to be offered to him first. He made that rule after I won playoff tickets to see the Cardinals and Green Bay two seasons ago. I'm currently letting him think I'm following the rule but baseball is kind of our thing (well, so is football) so I would have invited him first anyway.

Hopefully, the DBacks will have clinched by then but, if not, it could be a pretty important game since they're playing the Giants.

This won't be my only game next week. Two of the other managers asked me if I wanted to go to the Wednesday afternoon game. They each have four tickets and the plan is to hit up TGI Friday's at the Ballpark for lunch first. What's interesting about it all is that I'm the only girl going but I'm good with that.

However, that wasn't all that gave me an appreciated feeling today. The Director of Sales came over this afternoon and dropped off a card. It was a thank you note for being reliable when it comes to fixing problems. Included with the card were SmartBucks which we can redeem for Visa gift cards. Very nice.

What triggered her to do it was that she was checking email last night from home (she gets a ton and is always trying to catch up). There was a problem caused by someone not doing something properly and, before she could look into it, she read further to see that I'd already fixed it.

Now, I'll be the first to admit that it's my job to fix other people's mistakes. And, as mistakes go, this was no biggie.

But, it was very rewarding that she acknowledged what I do in a personal, and financially rewarding, manner. I confess that I try to model myself after her because her people are devoted to her and I'm impressed by how she's always trying to improve herself, us and the company. I wish I had her energy for all that we have to do.

So, all in all, even though I didn't complete any milestones, it was still a really fulfilling day at work. Those are always good to have because they keep you going.


Courtney Buycks said…
SP is the best place to work EVER and that specific thank you card giver is one of the main people who make it so amazing!!

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