Back To Brunette

So, instead of getting my usual hair color, I decided I wanted to go with more of a red/blonde instead of the red/brown that I've had for a while. I looked at the pictures on the box and saw one that was definitely more golden then brown so I bought it.

Perhaps I should have, oh, I don't know, READ THE FRAKKING BOX? Because what I ended up getting was not red at all. It's actually called Light Iridescent Brown.

Of course, I didn't realize this until I was getting ready to wash the color out. Man, that dye was really, really dark. So was my hair. It was the closest it's been to my natural color in over a decade which is way too dark.

Fortunately, the kit I get is a two part process, dye then highlights. The highlights definitely lightened it up. I'd say my hair is now brown with golden highlights as opposed to red/brown with blonde highlights like I used to have.

It actually still looks a little red in the sunlight, and in this picture. But, in interior light, it's definitely brown/gold.

Oh, well. It's only hair. And, I've learned my lesson. Look at the picture but also read the dang label.


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