Very Cool Wino Experience

My friends have gotten involved in Rodan and Fields and invited some of us to come check out the program. There was an event put on at Total Wine and More that combined a free wine tasting with a presentation of the Rodan and Fields product.

Genius idea!

Great idea for those presenting the product because the tasting was free to them and to us although they provided some cheese and crackers and dessert.

We tasted four wines from South America (two whites and two reds) with one of the store employees leading the discussion about the wine. It's always nice to learn and it made me miss the days when the Poker Chicks went to lots of wine tastings.

Following the tasting was the product presentation. It looks very cool, I must say. I haven't decided if I'm going to buy anything right now (because I'm cash poor thanks to some medical bills) but it's certainly compelling. Who wouldn't want some truly effective anti-aging products?

It was also a great idea for Total Wine. The wines we tasted were moderately priced ($8.99-9.99) and they offered them up at 30% off. What they also offered was 30% off any of their Direct Wine selections. I didn't know that they have effectively become the distributor for a lot of wines so they can offer them at lower prices. Sweet! Adding on an additional 30% off was extra sweet.

Yep, we made some purchases. Of course, I bought the most. Eight bottles of wine came to $54. That's pretty good.

Will I abandon my BevMo! Five Cent Sale? No way. But, I got some stuff that I've never seen in that sale at what I thought were really good prices.

It's too bad for Total Wine that my BevMo! is like a quarter of a mile away or I think I would shop there more. I am definitely more open to dropping in when I'm their neighborhood.

For those who are thinking the free wine tasting is a good idea, they offer it up to groups. There's a back room with classroom table seating, an in ceiling projector that you can hook a laptop up to and a built in sound system. It would be a fun event for groups for sure.


julie said…
you crack me up... "I'm cash poor due to some medical bills." Really? It had nothing to do with all those Lia Sophia parties you went to...
Cheesehead said…
I can cover $100 every few months for jewelry. But, $1000 in one month is too big of a chunk to ignore.

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