lia sophia Jewelry, Tupperware and now Miche Bags!

I swear these home parties are going to bankrupt me...

My friend Norene invited me to a purse party at her house on Friday night. Miraculously, my calendar was open and I haven't been to a sleepover at her place in ages so I agreed. I had to travel through a ridiculous amount of rain in Tucson to get there and had my usual "I hate driving in this town" experience but it was worth it to see her and some of the other girls.

Here's my deal with purses. I buy an every day one on sale and use it until breaks. I then buy another one on sale and repeat the process. I do have one dress purse with lots of pretty beading on it and one over the shoulder, small travel purse. But, that's it, that's all I have. Now, shoes, well those I have aplenty.

Norene carries, um, I'm guessing bricks or gold ingots in a HUGE bag. She showed me her latest when I was in Tucson a few weeks ago for a house concert and she was raving about it. I almost got a hernia just from picking it up to examine it.

OK, here's the scoop. The company is called Miche and apparently I'm the last woman on the planet to know about it. Their premise is that you buy a base bag in brown or black to which you can then attach an outside shell. To change the color or the look, you just switch out shells. No more transferring all your stuff to a new purse. It's really a simple on/off and the shell attaches with firm magnets so they stay on really well.

They have several sizes but the one that has the most of the really fantastic designs was the classic. It's roughly 6 X 12 X 7 inches tall and hard sided. I tried desperately to put all of my stuff in it but to no avail. Norene's bag is the prima which is a soft bag that's 5 X 15 X 12 tall. Way too big for me.

However, they just came out with one that's just right for this Goldilocks. The demi is 7 X 14 X 9.5 tall. All of my stuff fits in it and there are inside pockets that make my purse innards much more manageable. The bummer is that they only have 6 shells for it right now but I expect more to come. Since I'm used to the same bag for years, I'm in no hurry.

Both TKay and I bought the same base and shell. It's called the Karie and it's a beautiful dark purple. This picture doesn't quite do the color justice:

Oh, you may be asking what that bling is on the bag. Well, let me tell you it's just the most ingenious idea ever. Besides being a gorgeous jeweled flower (so me), it's also a magnet. A magnet strong enough that it will hold your keys on the inside of the bag.

I can't tell you how many times I've had to search every crevice of my purse for me keys. Oh, wait, I can tell you because it's EVERY FRAKKING time. Even if I just put them in a minute earlier.

Miche doesn't sell these anymore (why the hell not?). Norene got a lovely purse shaped one for hosting the party. They did a raffle for this one and as soon as I saw it, I wanted it. Badly. As Norene was drawing the number I said, "Remember, I can smother you in your sleep tonight." She then immediately drew my number.

Yes, it looked shifty but it was all above board. I was just lucky. I think I'm more excited about the keyholder than the purse but I do really like my purse. I'll be keeping an eye out for new, pretty shells.

Who knows, maybe I'll turn into one of those girly-girls who matches their bag to their outfits every day?

OK, not likely. But, if they came out with a pink bag, I'd be all over it.


Katherine said…
Don't know if you were serious about that last thought, but if so, check out the beautiful Hilton shell for the classic size from our Luxe line. Also available in petite, classic, and demi sizes is the Cheery shell. Hilton is rose-petal pink and Cheery is fuchsia! You can shop directly from: if you don't currently have a rep.

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