You Don't Want To Be On My Fantasy Football Team

Just to give you an idea on how it's going, I just changed the name of my team in the work league to "The Injury Report".

Mother frakking football! I don't know if it's because the players weren't in playing shape but there seems to be a lot of injuries so far this season. And, they all seem to be hitting my teams.

Before you think I'm exaggerating, let me give you an update of my current rosters.

Frank Gore - injured his ankle. Hopefully, will be good to go next week.

Roddy White - bum knee but still playing.

Sidney Rice - FINALLY playing after a shoulder injury.

Jahvid Best - bruised thigh but still playing.

Mario Manningham - concussion, missed this week and hasn't been cleared yet to play this week.

Kenny Britt - torn ACL and MCL. Done for the season.

Tony Romo - bruised ribs, punctured lung but still playing.

Those are only the players currently on my two rosters. If I tabulated all of the ones I've already dropped, I might hurt myself.

I am somehow 2-1 in the club league but I'm 0-3 in the work league.

Oh, and Pick 'Em sucked this week so no money for me there.


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