Fantasy Football - Week Two (And I'm Already Cranky)

Well, damn. That's all I have to say.

I picked up Cam Newton in my work league and decided not to start him. I figured that the Green Bay defense would be totally embarrassed by the whipping they took from New Orleans last week that they would shut Newton down. Well, I also considered that maybe Cam Newton is no Drew Brees.

Mother frakking...wouldn't you know that Newton would score nearly 35 points while Matt Schaub would get 21. What makes it more painful is that I was actually in it for the win without starting Newton going into Monday night but Mario Manningham went out with a concussion. I ended up losing by a score of 134.36 to 131.50. Godsdam.

I did manage to win in the club league by a score of 98-89. Of course, my starting QB (Romo) has a punctured lung so who knows about next week?

I've made a bunch of drop-adds in both leagues because injuries and crappy playing have hit me in several spots. While I wouldn't kill for a good WR in the work league, I would maim.

Pick 'Em was a little brighter. I didn't come in first for the week in either game but I did come in second in both. In the work game, I'm ahead for the season by 28 points. Because we drop the lowest score in the club game, I'm in second but only behind by two points. My strategy is still sound. I could tell you what it is but then I would have to kill you.

Which reminds me that I told The Rocket Scientist my strategy last season so I will have to smother him in his sleep at my next opportunity.


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