Week One of Fantasy Football and I Already Hate It

Mother frakking...

Seriously, this just sucked. I lost 181.36. to 96.7 in my work league. My opponent almost doubled my score! Effing Tom Brady ended up with 47 and Wes Welker with 31. Really, Dolphins, you suck that much? How about some D?

The club game is closer but I'm down 101 to 98 and my opponent still has McFadden playing. Unless he loses a bunch of yards and turns it over a few times, I'm toast.

The sad thing is that I thought I had a pretty decent team in the work league and I got smoked. The club league team was iffy but I wasn't as confident of it.

Oh, and tomorrow I need to go find players to replace mine that got injured in week one.

This is where I question why I play this for "fun".


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