Better Than Christmas

It's the happiest day of the year - the start of the NFL season! The lockout had me worried but everything seems to have settled down. Well, at least until the end of week one when we'll see just how the many player changes affect everything.

Dressed for success!

My friend Sue, an original Cheesehead, was down from Utah for a conference so I picked her up and we met The Rocket Scientist at Teakwood's to watch the big game. She had her Clay Matthews jersey and I had my Ryan Grant and TRS wore a green shirt that he said was entirely by accident. I don't believe him.

Man, that was some game! I expected the Saints to be tough but that was too close. It didn't help that the refs tried to let the Saints back in, TWICE, in the last few minutes. Ultimately, the good guys came out on top and the Grant jersey jinx is broken so I can continue to wear it.

Fantasy football makes watching the games so stressful. I had Greg Jennings and Marques Colston going tonight. Jennings did great but I didn't realize until part way through the game that my opponent had Aaron Rodgers. Argh! That canceled out most of my receiving points. Colston plain sucked. I think I'll bench him, that's how angry he made me. OK, he ended up with some decent yards but no TD. I'm not very forgiving.

I'm looking forward to Sunday when I can just root for my fantasy players and not worry about my team.

One win down on our return to the Super Bowl!


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