Remembering Chris LeDoux

I've been doing a lot of data mapping at work and needed to block out noise so I brought my iPod in this week. It's been great. I just bought a few Icon collection CDs. One of KISS and the other of Eric Clapton. Fun stuff.

After I plowed through those, I went to a CD we got in our gift bags at Riddles in the Sand (a Parrot Head event in Galveston Bay). It's sponsored by Bud Light and called Best in Texas Vol. 7. While I love to mock the "great" state of Texas, I have to give it credit for being home to some fantastic music of two types, both Country and Western.

Chris LeDoux - Cowboy, Musician, Poet, Family Man
and Really Easy On The Eyes

One of the musicians, Roger Creager, reminded me of Chris LeDoux. I think most people first heard of LeDoux in Garth Brook's song, Much Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old). Here's the verse:

The competition's getting younger
Tougher broncs, you know I can't recall
The worn out tape of Chris LeDoux, lonely women and bad booze
Seem to be the only friends I've left at all

My friend Norene and I had been huge fans way before Brooks introduced him to the full country music world. I was so glad we got to see him perform before he passed away from cancer, much too young, in 2005.

We went to an outside show at one of the casinos in Tucson. He was great and his band rocked the house. He explained why he had two drummers. His usual drummer had to take a break for medical reasons so LeDoux's son filled in. When the drummer got better, what was a man to do but to keep them both? 

He was just that kind of man - generous and kind. And a hell of a cowboy. He was the World Champion Bareback Rider in 1976.

I felt a little melancholy as I listened to LeDoux's 20 Greatest Hits CD after my new Texas CD. But, it's hard to stay sad when you're hearing such great tunes like Life Is A Highway, What'cha Gonna Do With A Cowboy (with Garth Brooks) and Copenhagen.

LeDoux's style was a nice blend of traditional country and what I call country-pop that's become the standard for today.

I miss him.


bpacarden said…
I think I was at the same Tucson concert - about a year before he died? His band ROCKED! And "What You Gonna Do With a Cowboy" is one of my faves!

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