Oh, Canada

I went to the DiamondBacks game this afternoon with some work buds and, because you can't help but hear the people behind you, I caught bits of what was being said. It wasn't so much what was being said, though, it was how.

I thought, "They're Canadian." Then, I thought, "They're from Calgary." One of the women just had the exact accent I associate with Calgary.

Although I probably would have asked them at some point, after I heard her mention Stampede, I turned around and asked "Are you from Calgary?" I explained that I'm up there a lot for work and that their accent was evident.

The woman joked that they don't have an accent but clearly I had called her out. We chatted for a bit. The one couple was from Calgary and the other was from Vancouver (or North Seattle as my friend Tim and I refer to it).

It's funny how you can tune in to an accent. I can tell Minnesota, North Dakota, Chicago (which is different from the rest of Illinois) and, of course, Wisconsin. Get me back East or in the South and I'm not as good as picking them out. I guess it's all about whom you are familiar with.

They were nice folks but then I would expect that from Canadians. I've yet to meet one who wasn't extremely cordial.


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