At Least I'm Melanoma Free...

One of my many doctor’s appointments of late was yesterday when I saw a Dermatologist. I’ve had this spot on my cheek for way too long that was rough to the touch and would periodically get a slight scab on it. Sounds charming, I know, but I think I was the only one who ever noticed it.

My GP took a look at it and sent me to the Derm. Before he gave me the referral, though, he asked me if I would be upset if the Derm wanted me to strip down to my undies to check for other spots. Apparently, he’d had some patients get upset by that. My thought was that I was finally getting my butt in there so why not get all checked out?

The Derm checked out the spot, declared it just something to keep an eye on and freeze off. He also suggested the same for another spot. Other than those two, I had nothing else to worry about. He did tell me that I’m a high risk for skin cancer since I’m so fair and have lived in AZ for so long but I think that was already a given.

He got out what looked like a little creme brulee gun and sprayed the two spots. It didn’t hurt at all until after I got back to the office. But, then it was just a little pain, nothing to make me cry.

After he did the spraying, he told me what would happen. The spots would get pink then blister then scab over and take a week to fully heal.

Blisters and scabs on my face!?!?!

OK, I still would have had it done but. man, I’m not happy about that part. I’m totally comfortable going around without makeup but I draw the line at visible pustules. If makeup can’t cover it, I’m getting those little bandages. I’d rather have people wonder what’s under those than see the reality, especially if it’s disgusting.

Oh, and I immediately checked my social calendar and was relieved to see nothing until a week from tomorrow. Hopefully, I’ll be scab free by then.


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