Being Sarah

Our theme at this year's Parrot Grande was Saturday Night Live. Everyone who wanted to was encouraged to come dressed as their favorite character from the show. I really tried to get The Rocket Scientist to come as Church Lady but he's no fun so he came as himself.

I really didn't start thinking about a costume until a week before the event. I'm always too busy with last minute registration changes and hotel issues to think about much more than that. So, I needed something simple. Well, I couldn't find anyone more simple than Sarah Palin. (Oh, did I just type that? My bad.)

All I needed was a Bumpit and a red top (because that's what Tina Fey wears when she's doing Palin) and I'd be good to go. I already have the rimless specs. I found a shirt on sale at Sears on my lunch hour and got the Bumpit at Ulta on Tuesday night so I was good to go.

Updated picture courtesy of Barb - better view of the Bumpit

I wish this picture were a little brighter so you can see the Bumpit effect.

I spent the evening talking with a Minnesota accent because that's exactly how Palin sounds to me. I also made an Alaska/Arizona joke (They're so simliar. They both start and end with an A but while I can see Russia from my house, you can see Mexico and you want to keep an eye on that border because those Mexicans will come over and try to wash your dishes and mow your lawns, dontchaknow.)

I just enjoyed it because, well, I wasn't really being Sarah because I am no fan but I am one of Tina Fey. So it was a "playing Tina playing Sarah" thing for me.

Good times, though.


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