More Fantasy Football - Can't Wait for Thursday!

We did our work Fantasy Football draft on Saturday morning. Who does a draft on Labor Day Weekend? Aren’t people out of town? Apparently, I was the only one busy. I got them to at least move it from 6 PM on Friday to 10 AM on Saturday but I still missed an hour of entertainment by the pool. Oh, well.

I knew ahead of time that I had the number one pick and I had firmly decided on Arien Foster until the hammy injury and subsequent posting of the MRI image on twitter. It scared me off. I then thought about Chris Johson but I have him in my other league. If his late signing hinders the start of the season, I’d get bit twice. So, I ended up taking the safe pick of Adrian Peterson. It kills me to take a Viking and I’m hoping he’s not too old or fragile to have a good season this year.

One of the guys was late signing in (we did it online) so the system automatically gives you what it considers the highest ranked player. So, he got Foster at pick number six. That’s either going to be really good or really bad.

Here’s my team in draft order:

Adrian Peterson
Frank Gore
Roddy White
Jahvid Best
Matt Schaub
Brandon Marshall
DeAngelo Williams
Austin Collie
Bears D
Owen Daniels
Sidney Rice
Mario Manningham
Kevin Kolb
Michael Bush
Marcedes Lewis
Matt Bryant
Michael Crabtree

I should have done some more injury research. Collie has a bum foot and Sidney Rice has a bad shoulder but I hopefully won’t need them right away.

Notice, there are no Packers on my list. It’s not that I tried to avoid them, they just got taken ahead of me. Because the draft snakes (1 to 12 pick in the first round then it goes 12 down to 1 in the next), there are long stretches where the number 1 pick is just watching players get snatched. It was a bit frustrating at times but I’m good with whom I have.

If Peterson comes through, that is.


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