Monkey Picture!

I first saw Doug Horne's work when my friends TKay and Russ took us to a street festival on Fourth Avenue in Tucson. Fourth Avenue is like what Mill Avenue used to be before it became corporate - lots of independent stores with cool, hippy stuff in them.

I absolutely loved his stuff! Great colors, lots of tropical themes and some fun twisted images. In fact, I still have his business card from that trip even though it was last December because I wanted to buy something.

This picture just says "Kathy", doesn't it?

So, I was very excited when TKay donated three of his pieces to the silent auction at Parrot Grande. They were all monkey pictures but I pretty much settled on this one as my favorite. Mostly due to the cigar but the tiki glass and Aloha shirt were nice features as well. As an added bonus, one of the Desert Shark PHC members (Rick Nostrand) in Tucson framed them. The frame is a fabulous match to the picture.

I was very excited, and fortunate, to have the winning bid! Now, I just need to figure out where to have The Rocket Scientist hang it for me. It fits well in my tropical bathroom but I'm fast running out of wall space in there.

First world problems, I know.

In the meantime, I'll just look at it on the table and appreciate that I now own it.


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