Always Keep Them Guessing

Our dress code at work is very relaxed. I spend the warm months in capri pants, sandals and somewhat nice blouses or shirts. I do sneak in the occasional t-shirt but not one with writing. Winter finds me in jeans, leather shoes or Sketchers and sweaters.

Today, I came in wearing a nice sweater, a wool herringbone skirt, tights and dress shoes. Eyebrows were raised.

I ran into our VP in the hallway and he was wearing dress slacks and shoes and a long sleeved button down shirt. Since he’s usually a casual dresser like me, it warranted a “Hey, we’re both dressed up today.” comment from me.

His response was, “I’ll tell you why I’m dressed if you tell me why you’re dressed up.” I gave him a non-verbal go ahead and he told me that he and a couple others were going to a local hospital to try to get a sales deal from them.

I didn’t tell him why I was dressed up.

Most of my co-workers commented on my attire and the comments ranged from “you like nice” to “I’ve never seen you in a skirt.” But, you could tell they were wondering.

My lunch buddies were much more direct. “So, do you have an interview today?” They were even more convinced when I said I had to be back in time for a 1:30 appointment.

The reality is that I like to dress up more in winter so most of my dress clothes are geared towards that season. I can wear most of the sweaters I wear with my jeans but they look nicer paired with a skirt and tights. And, I quite like wearing tights.

Oh, and my 1:30 appointment was with my boss and a co-worker to talk to an outside consultant.

But, I think it was good to get them all thinking. They might be less likely to take me for granted if they think I’m pursuing outside offers. Or, they might be thinking, “Woot!”, maybe she’ll finally leave. ;-)

Mental note made today, though. No narrow skirts on days when I go to lunch with my friend, T. He drives a fairly high off the ground truck and there is no graceful way to get into it without hiking my skirt up to nearly my girly parts.


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