Fantasy Football - Playoff Week One

Whoohoo! I'm a big winner!

Thanks to a 37 point week from Maurice Jones-Drew (I love that little guy so much), I bested my opponent in the club league by a score of 117-92. I was playing Crash's son Matt who drafted Aaron Rodgers with the first pick. Fortunately for me, the Packers scored a boatload of points this week but Aaron's points were only so-so.

I haven't heard Matt's reaction to the game yet but he's got to be bummed that his 10-3 team lost to my 7-5-1 team. It's just like the NFL, on any given day any team can beat another.

I'm on to play my friend Eileen in the next round. She's got a stellar team and finished first in our division.  I have to hope that Drew Brees takes it easy next week or I can get in a deep hole, fast.

I was talking to two of my buddies in the work league last week and I wasn't very optimistic with my chances. My opponent was projected to score over 150 points and I think I was somewhere less than 110. I think the projections on aren't very good and the final score reinforced that feeling as I won 132.14 to 117.9.

Both of my buds had agreed that my team was pretty weak and one of them said, "I hope you win because I'm playing you next week if you do." Well, he got what he wished for but I hope to be able to say something snarky after I win. Oh, please, football gods, let me win.

My team name of The Injury Report was shown to be true, unfortunately. I've been waiting for Adrian Peterson to get healthy so it hurts a lot that I lost Greg Jennings for the rest of my season. I'm really down to no good starting options. I'm also playing against Brees in that game so I REALLY need him to play like shite. Or, get pulled out to save him for the post-season.

I'm so mad at myself in Pick 'Em. I made my picks then thought too much and changed two of them. I should have gone with my first instincts as I would have held on to third place in the club game and I'm losing ground on third in the work game.


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