One Of Those Days

If it’s not one thing, it’s another...

I tried to get in to work a little early today. Tried being the operative word. There was an accident somewhere on the 202 and it took me nearly a half hour to get to Priest from McClintock so I could jump on to Washington and take the surface streets to the office. My usual 11-15 minute commute took me 45.

Then, I stopped by the ATM at lunch to get cash for tonight. I opened my wallet and, motherbitches, realized that my debit card was in the back pocket of the jeans I wore last night. I filled my gas tank before going home and didn’t put the card away.

My 1 PM meeting was across the street and I needed my badge to get in to the gate. At least I realized that I didn’t have the badge with me before I crossed the street but I had to hike back to get my purse so I could get my badge out of my car. I’ve already gotten used to the remote entry so it didn’t occur to me that it wouldn’t work without the key at least in my pocket. By the time I got there, it was 1:05 and I hate being late.

Finally, I was checking my calendar to see what I needed to worry about because I had a tentative vacation day marked for tomorrow. Something made me check how many days I have left and I only have one, not the two I was expecting.

I’m trying to focus on the positives.

It wasn’t me in the accident.

My friend T was in the car with me at the ATM and he loaned me $100.

Even though I was late, the meeting hadn’t started yet. And, it got out early. Bonus!

I didn’t take tomorrow off so I didn’t screw myself out of taking December 23rd off. That will give me time for last minute shopping that’s not on Christmas Eve.

Yin and yang and all that rot. I just hope tonight doesn’t bring me any unhappy surprises.


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