Fantasy Football - Champion Game

To recap, I was playing for 3rd versus 4th in both of my leagues. Steven was last place in our club league but playing for the Championship in his other league.

It was a very stressful Christmas Eve. We were constantly checking our scores and, well, let's just say that I was coming out much better than Steven was. He finally removed himself to his room to watch and mope and we would periodically hear profanity coming down the hall.

It didn't help that he and his buddy had a side bet on their game. The loser had to pay the winner a dollar for the point difference in their scores. They capped it at $50 which was good because I think he may have lost by more than that.

My two games were much more competitive. The club game came down to a win for my by a score of 71-68. I swear we decided to pay out a pittance to third and fourth but apparently, not so. We're paying out first, second, last and high total season points. I must have missed all of that while I was playing bartender for the commissioner. Guess I won't be doing that next year.

The winner was my friend Eileen who just started playing with us this year. She's probably thinking we were a bunch of easy marks. It didn't hurt that she had Drew Brees. I hope she spends her $446.50 on something pretty for herself. Or, at least buys me a drink.

I came out ahead on the work league game, too. The final score was 153.04 - 139.36. I needed 2.03 points from Roddy White on Monday night and he took his sweet time getting it. Of course, by the end of the night he had 15.7 but I was sweating it. I also had the highest score of the week so I think I get some extra dough for that. My actual cash is unknown because our commissioner hasn't published the amounts yet despite my pestering.

Thank the football games for Cam Newton. He was the catalyst that turned my season around.

Of course, it being me, my players continued to rack up the injuries. Tony Romo - out in the first series. Man, that looked painful. Adrian Peterson, out for the season but not until he scored 11.2 points for me.

I feel sorry for every guy that I drafted and then ruined his season.

Pick 'Em was just pathetic. To go from winning last year to being in 6th place in both games is sad and shameful.

I love playing Fantasy Football despite the ups and downs. I completely relate to that commercial where they show people moping and crying. I didn't actually cry but I did mope. And swear. Come to think of it, there was probably more swearing than anything.


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