Thoughts On A "New" Year

As I was getting dressed today in my New Year's Eve garb (think lots of sparkly jewelry) I was pondering how we think of tomorrow as a brand new start. We use the day as an excuse to end the year eating and drinking and carousing and promise ourselves we'll behave differently come January 1.

January 1 is the day we'll start dieting and exercising. It's the day we say we'll stop using our credit cards. It's the day that we promise ourselves that we'll be kinder and gentler to others and ourselves.

It's almost like magic. One tick of the clock and we're all new! In reality, it's the day we say we're going to do all of those things but probably won't. At least not for long. Then, we kind of give up until the next year when we make the same resolutions again.

In fact, it's just another day. There's no magic inherently in it.

The magic is in us. We can make any day the beginning of a new year.

Maybe it's April 15 when you pay your tax bill that is the day you decide to make and keep to a budget.

Maybe it's the day when you have a physical with your doctor and decide to really, finally do something about your health.

It could be the day when you're unfortunate enough to lose a loved one that you decide to let bygones be bygones and mend old relationships.

It could be someone's wedding day when you decide to rededicate yourself to your own relationship or actively seek one out if you're alone.

So, if you find yourself failing to keep your New Year's resolutions (let's be honest, we all make them) keep in mind that any day is the beginning of a new year. It's all in how you look at it and when you truly commit.

Happy New Year to all of you tomorrow (and the day after and the day after that...)!


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