Saint Lucia Day

Our Croatian friends invited us over to celebrate Saint Lucia's Feast Day today. I confess that, really horrible former Catholic that I am, I had no idea who Saint Lucia was.

Reading Wikipedia's story about her, I have to say "Poor thing!"

What our friends told us was that today was the planting of the wheat. Apparently, you take some wheat seed, put it in a bowl and keep it lightly watered until Christmas day where it becomes your centerpiece for the table. If your wheat grows thick and strong, you're going to have a good year. 

Looks a little like breakfast cereal.

They gave us each a bowl, some cotton balls and a bag of wheat seed. I tasted one of the seeds, BTW, and you wouldn't want to eat those. You shred up the cotton bowls so they'll store the water and put them at the bottom of the bowl, spread the seed on top then wet all of it.

I've got mine safely at home and will do my best to water it. I fear that if it does grow, George will eat it so I will lack a decent centerpiece.

The best part of the evening was spending time with our friends, meeting some new people and having great eats. We had stuffed cabbage, sausage and really good sauerkraut. Oh, and some mighty fine Croatian beer and cherry wine.

Good times, good times.


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