Wrapping Up The Holidays

I just put away the wrapping paper, bows, tissue paper, gift tags and bags, boxes and ribbons from my Christmas present wrapping. Dang, I feel like there's more now then when I started. Probably because there was.

Damn Costco. One would think I would learn by now but one would be wrong. It's hard to get rid of habits that are years in the making.

Here's what started it all. Sugar Daddy and I would go to Costco early in December and buy industrial size packages of tissue paper, wrapping paper, bows and gift cards. Sometimes, we even agreed to split some of it up. Because, who really needs 500 sheets of tissue paper?

We ended up with beautifully wrapped gifts which was good. We also ended up with a lot of leftover wrapping material which was bad.

Bad, because we would go to Costco the next year and buy almost all the same stuff again. Were we smart enough to pull the leftovers out and evaluate them before going to Costco? Of course not. So, it turned into a "I think I need some more bows" or "I'm pretty sure I'm out of paper" and we would buy it all.

I did the same thing this year on my own. I actually knew I was good on paper, bows and tags but I thought I needed tissue and gift bags. No, I didn't. I have so much frakking tissue paper that I can wrap gifts for literally years. I did use some of the gift bags but I didn't need the 20 pack that I bought.

Somehow, I held off on buying more gift tags. I love their tags. I'm sure they're assembled by little Chinese children being paid $.10 a day and they're horrible for my carbon footprint but they're SOOOOOO cute! You get a mixed set of designs and I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to match the perfect tag to the gift.

For the record, I need nothing next year. Except gift tags, finally. Sweet!

Since I can't seem to blog without my cat in the post, here are some pictures of George helping me wrap.

I like the taste of this tape!
Since you keep pushing me off the table, I'll hide out in this box.
Or, maybe I'll try to suffocate myself in this bag.
And finally, the finished products underneath my parents' tree.

Happy Christmas!


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