Not Your "Normal" Holiday Person

When it comes around to this time of the year, people often survey about favorite Christmas things. Well, Christians survey about your favorite Christmas things. Others will ask about your favorite holiday things but that's only because they're sensitive to the fact that not everyone is a Christian. Yes, that's a horse I will continue to beat.

I think my answers to the surveys put me in a small minority.

My favorite Christmas movie? Die Hard. Because nothing says the holidays like murder, mayhem and someone saying "Yippee ki-yay, motherfucka." I truly love that movie. Willis at his finest. Alan Rickman at his sleaziest and, oh, how I love him in everything he's ever done. The sequels will never match up to the original. I was once asked what movie I would take to a desert island (assuming it could be endlessly played) and that was my choice.

My favorite Christmas song? Baby, It's Cold Outside. In its time, it was about some sly seduction. Now, we can't hear it without thinking of some poor girl getting slipped a ruffie and completely violated. It has nothing to do with Christmas but it's always played this time of year and I love it more than I love Die Hard. Which is saying a lot. (It has to be the Dean Martin version, BTW.)

My favorite holiday food? Peppermint ice cream. Screw the turkey, ham, sweet potatoes, latkes, pickled herring or whatever you like. Peppermint ice cream is the bomb and they should sell it year round. I actually stock up and carry enough in my freezer to get me to the spring.

My favorite family activity? Well, this might match up to a lot of people's if they would admit it but it's watching football. No church, no gift giving, no singing carols. It's all about watching the NFL and rooting against Dallas (mostly because they're always on and, well, they're Dallas). We turn the volume down to pretend we're actually paying attention to each other but it's a facade. We really care about the games.

Despite my oddities, I really enjoy the holidays and spending time with my extended family. At the very least, I get good stories out of it all. At the very best, I get great memories that will carry me into the new year.


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