Fantasy Football - Week 13

This was the last week of the regular season in both of my fantasy leagues.

I was ahead by 2 points in the club league going into last night's game. I just needed Maurice Jones-Drew to not lose any points. I shouldn't have worried. The dude was on fire and ended up with 24 points. I also got Chris Johnson to give me 27 points. I guess he's decided to play now.

Now, it's on to the playoffs! I squeaked in to the last playoff spot and I'm up against the number three seed who happens to be Crash's son. And, who has Aaron Rodgers. That will be an ulcer inducing matchup.

In the work league, I went into last night's game with a 20+ point lead and my opponent only had Rivers going. Based on his inconsistency, I thought I had a chance. It turned out to be no chance at all. He lit it up and had me beat at the beginning of the third quarter.

I finished in 3rd place and go up against the 6th place team in the first round of the playoffs. While I would love to win out in both leagues, this is the one I want to win the most.  It would be awesome after starting 3-0 and being decimated by injuries to take the trophy. BTW, my team name is still The Injury Report. I started winning (and losing even more players) after I changed it so it's staying that way.

I had another crappy week in Pick 'Em. I'm still in third place in the club game but there's someone one point behind me. I dropped down to 4th in the work game which is out of the money. I need some good weeks coming up.


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