Holiday Happiness

I finally had the time to go through all of my mail that's been overflowing my dining room table. The bills I could have done without but the holiday cards were awesome.

I'm all about the cards and newsletters (I wish everyone did one) and the photos. I put the latter up on my fridge but it's getting so crowded (and I don't have enough magnets) that I've had to replace pictures from last year with the new ones from this year.

Hey, your kids are really getting big!

Holiday (yeah, I know, I'm not saying Christmas because not everyone is a Christian but I think everyone likes cards and we do have New Year's which I think most people can get behind as a holiday) cards are great fun to me. I love seeing all the different styles and sentiments. And, their arrival really helps to get me in the holiday spirit.

I'm a freak about my own cards as I buy four or five different types each year then match them to the people I'm sending them to. My recipient list has grown to nearly 100 but I love that I'm adding new people every year. More friends!

My newsletter is written but not printed. No photo for me. While it's tempting to do a picture of George, I'm just not willing to be that crazy cat lady. And, I'm pretty sure Steven won't pose for  nnnn mmmmn a family picture.

That nnnn mmmmn in the preceding paragraph was from George sitting on my keyboard, BTW. If I can't keep her off the computer can you just imagine how she'd be during a formal portrait?


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