Ugh, Holiday Stress

I had two presents left to get for Christmas. Both were available at Tempe Market Place. I pulled out of my complex on the McClintock and promptly got stuck behind a bus. That was stuck behind a gazillion cars going in to the shopping center.

It was insane!

I decided to go in one the entrances off of Rio Salado. The first one was backed up to McClintock, the second wasn't much better and, by the time I got to the third, I had no stomach for it. I decided to head up to Best Buy at Pavilions instead for the one gift. Yes, it was several miles away but I knew I could get in there without any worries.

One slight problem with that plan, though. The Best Buy at Pavilions is closed. least I enjoyed the spin in my bitching new car but it was a bad day to forget to take my high blood pressure meds. (Which I'm now swallowing with wine. That works, right?)

I ended up at Wal-Mart where I really try not to shop but I knew they would have the gift I wanted. Sometimes, you have to sacrifice your principles for expediency.

My next stop was the grocery store but I stopped off at my parents' house to fortify myself with a few sugar cookies. I also wanted to ask my Mom what I needed to bring for Christmas. I've consistently gotten rolls as my holiday contribution for a while now. Being known as a non-cooker makes it a lot easier on you. Someday, I might actually bake them myself. But, not this year.

The grocery store was remarkably calm and they had all of the checkout lanes open. Nice.

As I drove home, I went by Tempe Marketplace. There was no traffic backup whatsoever. I don't know what made the difference between 3 and 5 PM but I would have expected the latter to be busier. Shows what I know.

Oh, and the second gift I needed got switched to a gift card that I was able to get at the grocery store.

No way am I braving the mall tomorrow.


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