Yes, This Is One Of My Best Friends... I got that going for me.

I'm thinking of starting a new blog called "Crash Stories" where we can all post tales about our friend who just does stuff that makes you shake your head. Her friend, Patti, calls her FTW for Frakking Train Wreck and it fits. As Crash and I have discussed, it's a good thing she's so likable.

Last weekend, Crash and I hatched a plan for the Arizona Parrot Head Club Holiday party that was last night. She was going to work during the day and I was going to meet her at her house at 4 PM so we could drive together to the BOD meeting before the party and she would be my DD as I would then stay the night at her house.

I got to her house right at 4, unloaded all of my crap and walked to her front door. Where, I knocked. And, knocked again. And, once more for the hell of it. I pulled out my phone and called her and it went to voice mail. I then sent her a text asking where she was. One more call to her phone for good measure went unanswered.

My first assumption was that she was driving home from work and, since she works in insurance, she won't answer her phone while driving. So, I gave her a few minutes. But, then I thought "Knowing my dear friend, she might have forgotten." I then called Tammy, our party hostess, and asked if Crash was there. She said she wasn't and I explained why I called.

Just as I was picking up all of my crap to take it back to my car and drive over by myself, my cell rang. The ID said it was Tammy but that's not whose voice I heard. "She found me!" I just shook my head. Then, Crash said, "I'm going to come get you because I need to get my phone because I left it at home."

Well, that explains why she didn't answer her phone nor reply to my text.

My reply was, "You WILL come get me regardless of the phone."

Turns out, she had walked in the door at the party and Tammy asked her "Where's Pfister?" Her blank stare was enough to give away that she had completely forgotten the plan.

Oh, and it's my fault because I didn't remind her. Of a plan we made six days ago. When we were sober. I'm such a bad friend.

As the party went on, I switched from Miller Lite to Gluhwein and was feeling no pain. Crash hadn't been drinking until she remembered that she left her Shotski at home. Again, it was my fault that I didn't remind her. She and Tracy went to retrieve and my DD went to hell as soon as they were back.

Four of the new AZPHC BOD members - does that inspire confidence?
I don't know how many shots she did but people started coming up to me and suggesting that I may need to drive home. Really? I guess I hold my liquor better than I thought because I had no interest in driving. My plan was that we would just stay over on the futon and go home in the morning.

Late Night Dominos

It was down to the Last Men Standing (technically one man and five girls) when they decided to play Dominos. Poor Overachiever who was trying to figure out the game. Crash was on her ass like no one's business.  Yes, I believe alcohol was a factor.

After what seemed like a day but was probably only two hours, the game concluded and Crash was sober enough to drive home. I'd spent the last hour dozing on the couch. We either left or got home to Crash's at 2:40 AM. I know I looked at the time but I don't remember when. But, hey, we made it home  and none the worse for wear.

It is a good thing she's so likable. ;-)

Next time, I'm reminding her every day for a week leading up to our next plan.


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